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We are not ordinary real estate agents. We are not ordinary developers. We are not ordinary landlords. We are for sustainability. We are for affordability. We are for the people. We have many years of experience with renting here and abroad, without hidden costs and fees - only a transparent monthly rental price including energy, media and services. We consider ourselves a family business and place a high value on a personal approach based on professional and factual conversation. You will feel better with us. Easyroomlet Ltd

About Block96

Without vision, determination and hard work, projects are hardly born. In recent decades, in many industrial cities around the world, there has been a trend of transforming previously purely industrial urban areas into multifunctional districts combining traditional manufacturing with residence and commerce. Abroad, the term "LIVE & WORK" has been used for similar residential projects and is a popular alternative to classic residential rental, suitable for all age groups.

BLOCK 96 offers unconventional studios and studios with maisonettes in sizes from 20 to 40 m² for long-term and short-term rent at affordable prices. All units are fully equipped with furniture and electrical appliances, offer parking for up to 30 vehicles, reception, laundry, bike room and elevator.

In the immediate vicinity you will also find a relaxation area in the English style "Little London", ideal for non-traditional relaxation in a unique and stylish environment.

Take control of your finances and live your life to the fullest. Treat yourself to more space and comfort. Pay only what you really have to.

We look forward to seeing you at BLOCK 96.

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